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Black Pegasus Man or Beast Series Book 1, Winged Pegasus and The Rangers Air War D Day Winged Pegasus and the Rangers mostly better than Beast Man.
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The winner of the awards will be announced on Saturday 26th September. Kirkus: "Unflinching" First US review! Kirkus writes, "Jensen is unflinching in describing th[e] mayhem as it figures in the real world of his novel…A grim examination of the effects of war on those who would give anything not to be waging it. To be published by AmazonCrossing in September. The winner will be announced at the Crossing Border Festival on the 3rd November An intense, recursive book that evokes the chill despair of a Bergman film.

The winners of the Ping Award will be announced on 15th June. This ambivalence makes the novel even better. Out now! The first five-star review from Henrik Tjalve remarks, "As always with Elsebeth Egholm, one is unrelentingly drawn into the action.

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She has a very special knack for penetrating the many diverse settings, which she depicts. The Politikens Literature Prize goes to Birgithe Kosovic for her terrific duology about the controversial Eric Scavenius, the Danish prime minister and Nazi collaborator, "whom she tranforms into a person who is just as preoccupied with love -and sex- as he is with war Kosovic really shows what the biographical novel can do Rarely has a female author been able to describe so lustful a male gaze The longlist is selected by independent bookshops as the best contemporary European novels that appeared in Dutch in the past year.

The Bald Detective, will start shooting in May. Grue is currently writing the 8th book in the series, with expected publication later this year. Photo: Mads Teglers. Jessen: Starred PW! Set to be published by Gyldendal in Denmark in and , respectively. For more info, please follow the link to Nordisk Film's press release. The jury calls it "at once bare, moving and often so funny that it is in itself healing.

Over the next 2 years the selected books will be shown in traveling exhibitions and book fairs worldwide.

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The Wildwitch series, which is sold to 19 territories and recently had its film premiere, tells the story of Clara, a normal year-old girl, whose life is changed forever when she is scratched by an unusually large black cat. The story focuses on the formative experiences - professional and personal - faced by Kurt as a recently graduated police officer in his early twenties. The English-language drama series is told over 6 serialised episodes and features both British and Swedish cast. Production starts in Publishers Weekly calls it an "austerely wrenching and darkly comic novel This resonant book is both provocative and gripping.

Greenlandic Crime In the remote Arctic community of Inussuk, seven graves are dug at the end of each summer, before the ground freezes. As winter approaches, the question is, will they be enough? All the things that suspend time. You must taste this elixir. Sold to 18 territories! Rights sold to Planeta and Grup He builds suspense even as he splinters his plot into nonlinear fragments. He conjures up the emotional arc of a female life—from childhood loneliness through intense love to midlife derailment—in just undersized pages.

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Most unexpected of all, he deepens a tale of grief with a caustic comic tone. Resin: Rolling! We are pleased to share that filming has kicked off on Funen! Photo: Marie Pasenau. New Gulliksen! Rights sold pre-pub to Denmark and Sweden. Most recently, in The New Yorker: "In this philosophical domestic drama, a narrator named Jon attempts to recount the dissolution of his marriage from the imagined perspective of his eventual ex-wife, Timmy… the novel is painfully persuasive in its view of relationships—how arbitrarily we slip into and out of them, and how we rely on love, or the illusion of it, to existential boredom and despair.

DR's Novel of ! Shark Drunk is sold to 26 countries so far.

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Follow the link to read the rest of The New Yorker's review. Though different, the novels share a darkness in their respective family dramas, each in their own way dealing with isolation, desire, despair and shame. Photo: Isak Hoffmeyer. Nielsen directing. Photo: Steen Evald. Excellent reviews are still coming in: Hardanger folkeblad writes, "Eikemo has written herself into the top tier of Norwegian contemporary writers" and Dagavisen calls it "a particularly good novel about choices, what determines them, and the price of closing. UK reviews are in! Published by Pushkin Press in the UK.

HOPE is a well-rounded piece of fiction that, with its harmonious and accomplished composition, satisfies most of the demands of an entertaining novel An epic and stylistic reading experience. A cracking good page-turner with linguistic force and energy… Eikemo is a contemporary storyteller of rank. This tragedy is his greatest secret, but not his only secret.

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Nordic Nonfiction Three major Scandinavian newspapers are working together to highlight the best of Nordic non-fiction published in Denmark, Norway and Sweden since The overall winner will be announced on 1st June. Congratulations, Ane! As a result of her father's changing naval posts, McKinley grew up all over the world, including in California , New York , Japan, and Maine.

She was educated at Gould Academy , a preparatory school in Bethel, Maine. McKinley went on to attend college, first at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in — and later at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine , where she graduated summa cum laude in Robin McKinley lives in Hampshire, England. Her husband was author Peter Dickinson ; they were married from until his death in They had no children, though Dickinson had children from his first marriage. After graduating from college, she remained in Maine for several years working as a research assistant and later in a bookstore.

It was accepted for publication by the first publisher it was sent to and upon publication immediately pushed McKinley to prominence.

Robin McKinley has written a variety of novels, mostly in the fantasy genre. Several of her novels are her own personal renditions of classic fairy tales with a "feminist twist". Her contribution to the Imaginary Lands anthology and the stories in A Knot in the Grain are also set there. The heroines in McKinley's books reflect certain qualities that she saw in herself as a young woman: clumsiness, plainness, bookishness, and disinterest in the usual social games that involve flirting and dating. In her Newbery Award acceptance speech, she said, "I didn't discover boys because they didn't discover me, and because their standards of discovery seemed to me too odd to be aspired to.

They were the ones who got to have adventures, while we got to—well, not have adventures. McKinley says she writes about strong heroines because she feels very strongly about the potential for girls to be "doing things", and she feels that the selection of fantasy literature featuring girls is scarce and unsatisfactory. According to biographer Marilyn H. Karrenbrock, "McKinley's females do not simper; they do not betray their own nature to win a man's approval.

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Read more about Thor: Love and Thunder, and how the comics will influence the movie, here. Now, after watching Thor: Ragnarok, we were under the impression that all the Pegasuses pegasi? But then, in the final standoff against Thanos in Endgame, Valkyrie rides in on one of the winged beasts in all its white, feathery glory. Where on earth did it come from?

Sacred Beast

Has it just been held in storage somewhere? A secret stable somewhere really, really hidden? Beautiful, but bizarre. That air-punch moment in the final battle against Thanos finally confirmed a long-held suspicion of fans everywhere: Captain America is worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Loki grabbed the Tesseract sharpish and teleported himself elsewhere in the past, but where on earth did he go? The Loki Marvel TV show looks set to answer exactly this, with the villain messing with events throughout history in the series.


She was running the Avengers all by herself, then she had to be all damned noble and exchange her soul for the Soul stone so Ronin could be with his family if they succeeded in thwarting Thanos again. You could probably only get Black Widow back by exchanging the Soul stone for her life, something that might not have occurred to any of the Avengers. Aaaand now we're sad. Plus, knowing Tony, the gauntlet he built likely factored in the cataclysmic power of the stones.

He only lasted a few minutes before he succumbed to the wounds they caused. Yeah, we cried at that bit too. Now, this is quite the big one. After the emotional and dramatic death of our beloved Tony Stark, who bravely sacrificed himself to save the entire world and guarantee a future free from Thanos, there is already speculation as to who will take up the mantle of Iron Man. The most obvious choice would be James Rhodes - aka War Machine - who already has his own version of Iron Man's armour, so it would be quite easy for him to slip into that role.

Of course, Pepper Potts also has her own armour now, which we saw in that fantastic big fight scene at the end of Avengers: Endgame.